Our Vision

We are coming up with a Centre to fulfill the existing gap and dire requirement in the field of Healthcare sciences to support valued aspirants by way of providing below mentioned dedicated courses:

1) Workshop for Counselors

2) Workshop for Sleep technicians

3) Basic Workshop in Sleep Medicine

4) Advanced Workshop in Sleep Medicine

5) Capsule Course on Counseling for Paramedics, ICU attendants, Nurses & RMOs.

6) Mind Alert Skills Workshop for Performance Enhancement

7) Special Counseling Techniques for Output Enhancement of Healthcare Workers

8) Tailor Made Course to meet your Requirement (Institute/Hospital/Corporate/Clinic)

9) Etiquette, Personality Development with Soft Skills Enhancement Course

This Centre for Sleep Sciences, Therapeutic Counseling Services, and research will pursue teaching and training of Sleep Technicians, Counselors, psychologists, Paramedics, Nurses, ICU attendants and Doctors.

We have an experience and repository of over 5,000 sleep studies and can handle up to Seven Sleep studies in ONE Night in patient's own homes, nursing homes, ICUs and hospitals.

We also undertake Pharmacy Consultancy services and R-ICU/COPD rehab Planning in large Nursing homes and tertiary level hospitals.

Contact Us

Contact person :- Mr. Rajkumar Sukhwani

Contact number :- +91-9811151109

Email address :- rsukhwani@lifecaremedica.com

Office address :- 1/9, Roop Nagar, PNB Building, Main G.T.Karnal, Road New Delhi-110007

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